Accepting and adhering to all of the provisions of this privacy policy required for anyone who wishes to visit and use this website. This privacy policy will give you information about our policies on gathering information, as well as how we use any information we collect.

Changes To Our Privacy Policy

Any and all changes to this privacy policy will be prominently displayed on this page.

Collection of Information

We do not collect any personally identifiable information except for instances when the user is fully aware they are providing personally identifying information as a means to request services or provide contact information. No personal information is ever taken from users without the users full knowledge and consent.

Information obtained from users will never be used to track their movement on the internet. Users may request their information be removed from our servers at any time by following the instructions for opting out below.

Our Security

We take web security very seriously and work to protect our users through the use of powerful antivirus and encryption software. It is our goal to provide users with a safe and satisfying experience when using this site.


This website uses cookies to help improve the site's overall user experience. Cookies are small files placed by your web browser onto your hard drive. Data from these cookies allows us to collect aggregate information that helps us optimize the display of content, improve functionality the site, and deliver broad, non-specific demographic data to advertisers and business partners. We do not use any information from cookies to track users or collect more information from them. Cookies do not provide us with any personally identifiable information about you.

Visitors to this site may opt to reject cookies via the settings on their web browser. Users who reject cookies should be aware that not using cookies may cause some features of our website to not work properly. We are not responsible for this website not working or displaying properly for users who disable cookies in their browser.

Information To Third Parties

We do not distribute information about our users to any third-party entities, including advertisers and business partners, except when done in accordance with the law at the request of legal authorities.

Third Party Links

Our site may contain links or advertisements posted by outside entities, including, but not limited to, advertisers and business partners. These websites will have their own set of privacy policies and Terms of Use, separate from those on this website. Users should familiarize themselves with the privacy policies of any external websites they visit, whether or not they got to that website through this website.

Opting Out

Visitors and customers who wish to opt out of services will no longer receive communications, services or products from us. We agree to destroy any and all personally identifiable information about anyone who choose to opt out of our services. To opt out, please email with "OPT OUT" in the subject line.