What are the Best Stairlifts?

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The Handicare 950 Plus Straight Stairlift gives you the same features as the regular Handicare unit, but with different power options, such as a power footrest and swivel seat. This lift has a continuous charging function, fold up seats, footrest, and armrest, in order to save space for others who need to use the stairs. There are two remote controls and the lift moves silently and gently with a soft start and stop for safety. There is a battery backup in the event of a power outage.

This is an auto lift with a boom design to give you more flexibility, and it's easy to install and remove. The compact frames leave lots of room in the trunk for many vehicles, making it a good choice. The lift is capable of handling a wide variety of products, including scooters, chairs, and wheelchairs. There are two configurations available, depending on how much weight you need, so it's surely capable of any lift.

The Garaventa Genesis Opal comes with a number of different features and highlights, so you can design the lift that works for your space. It comes with optional finishes and custom colors that will match into the surrounding area. There will a hydraulic model available for full-time battery operations, and it can also come with an optional emergency lowering feature, which will be activated in the event of a loss of power. There is also the option for a folding ramp, stationary ramp, or folding seat, giving you the power to choose the right lift for your needs.

The Harmar AL600 allows for easy automatic vehicle loading. It installs in the back of your vehicle and automatically lifts the power chair or scooter into your auto. The compact design of this lift still allows for second-row seating in most vehicles. There are securing straps for safety, as well as an emergency manual override if needed. In the event of a power failure, there is a manual crank backup. There are different product options that can be added to the system, including a wireless remote, rear wheel cradle, and self-tensioning straps.

The Savaria Delta Inclined Platform Lift is great for a residential unit, or commercial units with stairs, and is suited for an environment where an elevator or vertical lift can't be easily accessed. It can carry a wheelchair down and up a flight of straight stairs, using a system for the rail that is mounted along the stairs. It still allows easy access when the lift is not in use and it is battery operated, so it will work through a power failure.

The AmeriGlide Hercules II 600 is one of the best vertical lift platforms for residential use. It can be installed in just about two hours and has a 600-pound weight limit. It can be used either outdoors or indoors, and has a lot of extra options and features that make it a great choice. There is a back-up battery option available in case of outages. The lift can go as high as 4'5". If that is not high enough for your needs, there is an extension option to give you 8 feet The keyed control option is great for anyone with kids that may use this without supervision.