What are the Best New Running Shoes?

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For those who are already fans of the Boost foam found in Adidas shoes, they should be happy with the new Solar Boost. The shoe has the same cushioned midsole as the Ultra Boost, but it gives even more support throughout the midfoot without adding any weight. The new construction in this shoe helps secure the heel at the midsole, which helps the Achilles move more freely and keep the runner’s energy forward. The three-piece tailored fiber helps offer support without giving the shoe too much bulk.

This shoe has a perfect balance and the right amounts of cushioning, but it still feels light enough to test out some speed. Testers say that the faster you run, the zippier it feels. It’s a great choice for every day running because it is still a lightweight shoe that provides enough cushioning and protection. It’s snappiness allows it to work for speed work, tempo days, and even race day. The new construction helps combine innovation and nostalgia to give you this modern shoe. The REVlite midsole gives you the lightweight responsive cushioning for every stride, so you can get a fast underfoot feel.

For those who need more support while running, this is the shoe. It has become the go-to stability shoe for the brand for a while. The shoe offers a supported run, but still allows the runner to go fast when needed. The shoe doesn’t feel cumbersome and heavy like many others stability shoes do. In this new version, Brooks removed overlays from the forefoot and put a stretchier material on the arch to give it a better fit. However, these changes still allow the shoe to keep the softness and stability you are used to.

The Saucony Ride ISO branches out into new territory and helps improve on the fit and overall running efficiency. The shoes live up to what Saucony promises, which is a comfortable running shoe in both fit and cushioning. The modern design makes this a great choice for daily miles. The added ISOFit helps create a fit system designed for you, by adapting to the shape and motion of your foot. There are three layers of EVERUN cushioning foam that work together to support your foot and stride with a more flexible and durable feel.

These shoes appeal to a wide variety of runners. Newer runners love the cushioning, and marathoners love the shoe for its quick, smooth ride as they pound the miles daily. The new version delivers once again with an even lighter mid-sole foam, which gives more softness and bounce to the foot. The cushioning is not too soft or firm, making it a good choice for just about any running. The new version has a DA Loft heel crash pad for softer landings.

Asics may not have the flashiest running shoe out there, but they are reliable. You can depend on these running shoes to support your knees and ankles, no matter how much you run. These are just slightly upgraded from the previous version with a FlyteFoam midsole. The insole provides an ultra-cushy feel and includes gel cushioning in the forefoot and rear that the runner can see. Even though these shoes have max cushioning, they are still lightweight.