What are the Best Luxury SUVs of 2018?

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The Audi Q7 is all about luxury but has a price tag that will please the pocketbook. The Q7 was redesigned for 2017, so the 2018 year has just minor refinements to that model. It has luxurious interior appointments and has the best ride quality of any vehicle this size. The Q7 handles very well for a vehicle this size. It has a base engine that cranks out 252 horsepower, and a 3.0-liter six-cylinder that has 333 horses. The Q7 ranges from $49,900 to $66,000 depending on trim level.

If you have a large crew, the full-sized SUV may meet your needs. A good place to start is the Lincoln Navigator that was redesigned for 2018. It used to be like a rebranded Ford Expedition, but now has its own identity. It can still tow 8,700 pounds, so it still has truck muscle, but has added comfort and luxury to the mix. There is also a long version available, that gives it even more cargo space, which was already good. The Navigator gets 18-19 miles per gallon and starts at $73,000.

The Lexus RX is the best selling mid-sized luxury SUV, and that is not likely to change soon. It has a luxurious interior and a smooth ride. This is a great vehicle for a small family taking a long road trip. It runs with a V6 that has plenty of power, and there is a hybrid available. There is also a higher trim level with the third row of seats. The Lexus RX starts at $45,000 and the gas mileage ranges from 21-30 MPG.

If you want comfort first, the Mercedes GLC-Class is a good option. There is great attention to detail inside the cabin, with luxury on every inch. The rear seat has plenty of room for adults, and it has a good-sized cargo area. The highest level engine will crank out 469 horsepower, and there is a hybrid available that will make it much more fuel efficient. The Hybrid gets 25 MPG, while the gasoline engines are rated at 18 MPG. The GLC Class luxury SUV starts at $41,000.

The BMW X1 is a great subcompact SUV that performs well without sacrificing luxury. It has high quality-luxurious-appointments inside, typicallygreat BMW handling, and powerful engine options. The sports running may make the ride rough at times, but you will still have fun getting there. This is the SUV for people who do not want to compromise on performance. It still offers plenty of cargo room and has an ample sized rear seat. The X1 gets 25 or so miles per gallon. This BMW starts at $35,000.

If you need an SUV but are not quite ready to give up a sports car, the Porsche Macan might be a good compromise. It does not have a ton of space in the back, but it has sports suspension and adaptive dampers, that make it the best handling vehicle in the small SUV class. It has a gas sipping four-cylinder, and engine choices go up to a turbo V6 that has 440 horses. It gets 19-22 miles per gallon. The Macan starts at $48,000 and can go as high as $87,000. Regardless of engine size, this car has plenty of power.