What are the Best Homeschooling Programs?

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Critical Thinking Co teaches critical thinking, reading, writing, math, science, history, test prep, technology, and more. They offer books, e-books, computer software, individual fun items, bundles, and full curriculums. It's easy to check out products before you purchase. Most books have sample activities and software have online demos and you can try a free demo online of all software.

Techknow Training Studios provides online courses for homeschoolers in Grades 6 and up, beginners to advanced level students. Their subjects cover office productivity, desktop publishing, photo/video, programming, databases, and more. Each course is made up of several modules, usually under ten minutes each. The information is presented in small pieces followed by brief quizzes and a review test at the end of each course. Techknow builds their courses around free software packages, when possible. They offer free courseware to all parents with the purchase of a student account.

SimplyFun understands that play is one of the best ways for children to learn. Kids can learn academic, social and emotional skills, just by playing. SimplyFun uses board games, family activities, brainteasers, puzzles, puppets, and conversation starters. Their products that cover a wide range of academic subject areas, including language, math, spatial reasoning, critical thinking, and life skills. They support and encourage academic, social and emotional growth. SimplyFun has received over 50 awards in the last year.

Learnally is an online learning tool that teaches both Language Arts and Math to students in Grades 1-8. Each lesson is comprised of a pre-test, a lesson, and a post-test. Learnally supports a variety of learning styles, including visual, auditory and kinesthetic learners for struggling to advances learners. It provides personalized learning with instant feedback and allows the kids to progress at their own pace. Learnally has individual progress reports and it's easy for parents to track the progress. An instructional video accompanies each lesson. Learnally is $19.95 per month per student, with no contracts and offers a money back guarantee.

Homeschool Programming teaches website design, video game programming, and smart phone app design to students of all ages. They combine textbook study material and hands on computer programming activities. There is no teacher expertise required. Each series is an independent course track containing two semesters of work. The first semester is an entry level course for students with no prior experience. After completing the first course students can move on to the second semester to learn advanced concepts and topics. You can purchase courses individually, or together in a discounted "Year Pack". The pricing starts at $70 per semester or $120 for a year long course.

Alpha Omega Publications offers a variety of Christian based homeschool curriculum in both online and print formats, including an online Christian school for grades K-12. They have four budget friendly plans, including a pay as you go plan of $39.95/month or an annual plan of $399.95/year for one student. Alpha offers a family subscription of up to three students for $69/95/month or $699.95 annually. They offer secure data storage and your child's records are stored for seven years after your subscription ends. Your child's grades are neatly logged and you have everything you need to prepare high school transcripts.