What are the Best Family SUVs of 2018?

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The Honda Pilot offers comfort as its calling card. It has ample seating even in the back row for adults. It also has a lot of inside cargo space. It is powered by a 3.5 and has a nine-speed automatic transmission. With all its space and features, it has a luxurious feel that will have a family riding long distances in comfort. It gets almost 20 MPG, which is as good or better than any SUV this size. It also features collision warning, blind spot monitoring, and adaptive cruise control. The Pilot ranges from $31,000 to $47,000 fully loaded at the highest trim.

The 2018 Nissan Armada offers a great balance between the ride of a car and the functionality of a truck. The Armada is constructed more like a car but has one of the largest cargo areas of any vehicle in this class. it has a 5.6 liter V8 that has more than enough power for most situations. There is some storage space behind the third row. The V8 has power with 390 horses, but the car gets 13-18 MGP. The Armada Ranges from $46,000 to $62,000. The Armada can tow 8,500 pounds.

If you do need that third row, and still want a fun car, the Mazda CX-9 is worth considering. It has the classic Mazda handling, and it has a turbocharged 2.5-liter four-cylinder. It does not have the most space inside but is user-friendly as far as the controls. It has Mazda's G-Vectoring to make steering and stability even better. This car can get to 60 in 7.3 seconds, and stop from 60 in 115 feet. The CX-9 ranges from $32,000 to $44,000.

The Honda CR-V is another two-row SUV that is good for a family that does not need the three-row seat hauler. It is one of the roomiest cars in this class, with a back seat that is comfortable for adults. Honda has added a turbo-charged engine to its 1.5-liter four-cylinder. This Honda has some pep and nice handling, and it does that while getting 34 MPG. It's 75 cubic feet of cargo space is best in its class. The CR-V starts at $24,000 and goes for $34,000 fully loaded.

The Mazda CX-5 is great with its new style and performance ratings. It drives like a sportier car instead of an SUV, and it has enough nice touches to feel luxurious. It has good to average room inside, and it has a good sized back seat. Blind spot monitoring and adaptive cruise control are now standard, and there are several USB ports. A 2.5 liter four cylinder cranks out 187 horsepower. This vehicle can tow 3,000 pounds and is rated at 25-31 MPG. The CX-5 ranges from $24,000 to $31,000.

The Ford Edge is a two-row crossover SUV that is good for small families, and it has just enough sport and luxury, to be a lot of fun to drive. It has all the standard safety features and a Sync 3 touchscreen interface that is unique to Ford. It was recently redesigned, and is quieter and has better acceleration. The sports model is a 2.7-liter turbo V6 that makes it a sports car. It also has a turbocharged four-cylinder available. The Edge ranges from $29,000 to $41,000.