What are the Best Ear Plugs?

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These earplugs promise to cut out extra noise. They are made of clear silicone, so you can't see them in many people's ears. The material is soft and always malleable, meaning they are comfortable throughout the night and won't irritate. The material allows ventilation to reach the auditory duct and they offer durability without a lot of maintenance. These earplugs reduce sound by 28 decibels, so you can still hear emergency sounds, and are great for reducing noise at concerts, nightclubs, or other destinations with loud noises. Earplugs are $23.99.

These earplugs are made out of aluminum, in order to provide maximum sound reduction. These earplugs even block bass frequencies, which many other earplugs let through. There are three tips with these earplugs for comfort, and you can also order replacement tips. The tips come in a carrying storage pouch in order to keep track of them. These are hard to notice in other people's errors, so they're great for wearing in loud environments and are more than just for sleeping. Earplugs are $34.99.

These earplugs are a good natural remedy. They are made of soft material, which is covered in cotton and can be molded into the inner ear within a few minutes. These earplugs also help prevent water from seeping into the ear canal. These can last for months, if they are properly maintained. They come with a storage container for proper storage, which helps them last. They will help reduce noise but won't completely block out noise in case of emergency. Earplugs are $7.20 for 12.

These earplugs are best for those with oddly shaped ears. These earplugs help mold to the shape of an ear in a shorter time frame, so that pain is not an issue. They stay in overnight, which means you won't have to go find them when morning comes. In order to shape the earplugs, you can apply heat by placing them in boiling water. Once they are a bit cooler, they can be placed into the ear and shaped. There are two custom molds in the process and a carry pouch is also provided. The earplugs can reduce noise up to 31 decibels. Earplugs are $25.99.

These earplugs help stop harmful noise to help prevent hearing loss. These earplugs muffle the sound experience, which is helpful for sleep, but they also allow you to hear during emergencies. There are two pairs in each package, one that is designed for smaller ears and one for larger, so finding the proper fit is easy. The longer pull tab makes removing the earplugs simple as well. These are made from non-toxic silicone, so they are hypoallergenic. There is a waterproof storage case that is designed to not take up a lot of space. Earplugs start at $34.88.

These earplugs offer the smallest pressure foam available. They are made with foam that fits comfortably and will slowly release to fill up the ear canal. They are tapered to also fit snuggly into almost every ear. There are multiple colors, which make it easy to find them if they escape at night. They are more for just providing a good night's sleep and offer some of the best noise reduction at 32 decibels. They don't shut out noise completely, which is useful for emergencies. They should not cause any pain. Earplugs are sold in a 50 pair bottle for $8.49.