What are the Best Dental Plans for Seniors?

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1 dental is one of the most successful companies providing their services to well over 10 million senior citizens in the US. It, however, does not offer standard insurance services but specific dental plans. The plan functions more like a membership club. In essence, you pay a membership fee for you to become a member of the plan. You will also be required to pay an annual fee to be a member of the plan.

A health maintenance organization like Aetna offers dental insurance plans that cover the basics. Seniors need to evaluate their current dental health and future needs in considering this option. The needs of dental care can be evaluated on the basis of the need for fillings, dentures, crown replacements. If the needs within the next six months to one year do not require much activity rather than cleaning and regular check-ups, then it is an amazing dental care plan that can be used by seniors. Plans start at $99 per year.

A dental savings plan is one of the options that many people seem to overlook. It is also referred to as the discount dental plan. The plan is slightly different from the senior dental insurance in regards to how they work. In this plan, you pay an annual fee and not the monthly ones like many plans of that type. Also, the good thing about dental savings plan is that every process of application is completed online.

Largely, Medicare does not cover dental issues except in instances where a dental service is required due to another medical issue that is covered. It can be a good dental plan because Medicare is cheap and if there are other related health issues that are related to dental issues. However, these exceptions cannot cover regular dental care services like cleaning, dentures and fillings. Medicare avails health insurance for seniors above the age of 65. An alternative to Medicare B is another good alternative as it will cover dental even though you are not yet retired at 62 years of age or more.

Dental Indemnity Insurance is one of the most traditional plans for seniors. The senior citizen getting the coverage gets to choose their dentist. The dentist is paid directly by the client and the cash is reimbursed by the insurance company through claiming. In a typical situation, the plan will cater for almost 50-80% of the cost of dental services. The remaining fraction is taken care of by the client. Aflac offers this type of plan which making paying your bills incredibly easy.

A PPO is referred to as the preferred provider organization. They are the most common types of dental insurance. It gives you reduced rates through pre-agreements made with dentists. Delta Dental offers a range of terrific PPO dental plans for seniors. The dentists work with the insurance companies and are part of the network that the companies rely on to fulfill the promises. Going to an out of network dentist can still work as a PPO plan for seniors, but the reduced rates will not apply. Insurance costs seniors just $075 per day – that’s just $259 annually.