What Are the Best Places to Buy Car Tires?

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With a functional and no-nonsense website that matches its name, Simple Tire is on a mission to sell tires as quickly as possible with no fuss or hassle. Head over to the promotion page first to check out deals like $70 off of sets of four tires or 10% off of select tire brands. Shipping to a nearby installation center is fast and free, so there's no surprise price jump at checkout.

Tire America is a solid wholesale retailer with millions of tires in stock and exceptional customer service. Finding the right tires is easy, then they are shipped for free to your choice of installer. Partnerships with installers across the country ensure that there will be no surprise price hikes after installation when the service provider has your car at their mercy. They even offer roadside assistance if you get a flat that covers the replacement tire and up to $100 of the towing bill if necessary.

Tire Rack sells a collection of wheels, tires, and car accessories at wholesale prices. You can have your tires shipped directly to an installer of your choice in the area, so all you have to do is pick your tire, wait for delivery, and drive in to collect your new wheels. If you live near one of their nine distribution centers, you can receive an additional discount for picking up the tires yourself.

Amazon has its hands in every marketplace, and tires are no exception. You'll find everything from $1,000 performance tires to budget bargains under $40 that get you on the road again. If there is a nearby Sears, the retailer has a partnership with Amazon and will install any tires that you order from them for free.

You can tell that Tire Warehouse is eager to get their tires sold from the moment you log onto their site. Digital coupons practically fly off of the screen, ranging from deals on tire and wheel packages to discounts on your standard tire maintenance including rotations and pressure checks. If you find a better price than the ones you see at Tire Warehouse, they will beat that price by 5%.

Discount Tire provides exactly what the label describes. When you enter the site, you get a handy UI to select the year, make, and model of your vehicle to immediately narrow down your selection to the right size. With almost 20 brands from which to choose, you get an excellent blend of choice, affordability, and convenience that makes Discount Tire one of the first stops you make when shopping for tires. Taking the time to print out and mail in the rebates from the promotion page can save you the price of a tire.